Ethermore Wiki


"The ladder creaks as you take the first rung. Blowing the dust off, you examine the spine. In the distance, footsteps on the hardwood floor. You only have the next few hours to finish. Time for a coffee. Welcome home to The Library."


The origins of The Library are somewhat mysterious, however the prevailing story told amongst outsiders is that of a 'Book of Eternal Youth'. The tale follows that a pair of human adventurers stumbled across a sombre old cave on the North-West side of Mount Ethermore, in which they chose to take refuge against a mighty (rain/snow/sandstorm). Upon a timid inspection of the passages of the cave, they are said to have discovered a passageway that could have been cut only by the tools of the ancient Gnomes, in search of Etherest's fabled frozen heart. The story goes that following the passage led to a modest chamber with a text in the middle. Here, the story becomes more unclear; the Elfs claim that there lay a pristine leather-bound book, in beautiful condition and begging to be opened. The Gnomes prefer to say the book was rotting and barely held together by its leather spine. The Celestials claim it was not a book at all, but a meter long scroll, sealed by a tab of purple wax. Most interestingly of all, the Giants insist the chamber was instead filled with writings and carvings, spanning the ceiling, walls and floor. Regardless of the form of the text, the content is consistent across the retellings. It is the Book of Eternal Youth, containing a myriad of ways one can extend their mortal life. Upon realising what they had stumbled across the adventurers attempted to take the text in their packs, or write it down if you ask a Giant, but to no avail. An inconceivable spell prevented the moving of the knowledge of the text from that gloomy, circular chamber. It’s told the adventurers left the cave after the storm had subsided, and returned 2 years later with 7 followers in tow, believers of the text. These ‘Founding Nine’ set to work expanding the chamber, and soon established a functioning village inside Mount Ethermore, dedicated to the worship of the Book, and the pursuit of knowledge. The middle years after these initial events are murkier even than the origins of the Birdfolk. All that is known is the Founding Nine had children among themselves, and over the course of generations expanded their number and their city. Now we come to the modern day, where The Library is known to have 500 citizens. 250 of them who can trace their linage back to the two adventurers who first discovered the cave are part of a more exclusive clique, the Council of the Library.